About kira


Perhaps Kira is best summed up by music journalist and creator of Dirty Hippy Radio, Jeff Vincent, when he wrote: "While she does many different things — improvising southern country-fried, chicken-picking guitar solos, tapping percussion with her feet, blowing nasty harp with swampy comprehension, adding soft beauty to the facade before tearing it down and throwing it in your face with piercing vocals — the advent of Lingman does one general thing to a band: it brings a ton of soul.”

Witnessing Kira, Joe (bass), and Zach (drums) play live is an experience not easily forgotten. Arresting, chaotic, beautiful, intense, sweet, and of course, soulful. Look out for Kira Lingman's debut album this summer, produced by drummer Zach Bozeman.  

Kira Lingman: Vocals, Guitar, Harp

Joe Lopilato: Bass

Zach Bozeman: Drums


Soul Shake Cover Photo.JPG

Kira Lingman - EP

by Kira Lingman